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On October 16th, 2013, Congress voted to end an unnecessary government shutdown and raise the debt ceiling in order to pay the nation's bills. Under the current deal, the government will be funded through January 15th while the debt ceiling will be raised through February 7th.



The federal government shutdown began on October 1st following House Republican Leadership's refusal to allow a vote to fund the government without strings attached, closing government services and impacting the lives of veterans, students, youth and federal employees and their families for over two weeks.

The debt ceiling, or debt limit is set by Congress to allow the United States to pay bills it has already incurred. Up until the October 16th vote, one day before the debt limit would have been reached, House Republicans again used the debt limit to push a political agenda damaging to the American people by failing to allow a vote to allow our country to pay the bills.

A failure to raise the debt limit before it was reached would have risked the full faith and credit of the United States, put our national credit rating at risk and caused widespread economic pain across the globe.

Democrats and Republicans may have disagreements on many issues, but it was simply irresponsible for Republican leaders in the House to hold the country hostage in order to try and achieve partisan goals. You deserve to understand both the impact of these issues on Connecticut's First and the efforts of your Representatives in Washington. Follow the links below for additional information:



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