2014 Press Releases

Larson on Ryan Budget April 08, 2014
Larson: SCOTUS Ruling Hands Victory to Ultra-Wealthy Donors, Congress Must Respond April 02, 2014
Larson Applauds Passage of Children's Hospital Workforce Funding April 01, 2014
Larson on 7 Million Enrollees in Affordable Care Act April 01, 2014
Larson on Ways & Means Chairman Camp Announcement April 01, 2014
Larson Opposes “Patch”, Agrees with Doctors March 27, 2014
Larson, Rooney Statement on New CDC Autism Data March 27, 2014
Connecticut Delegation on State Minimum Wage Vote March 26, 2014
Larson: Fix to Medicare Payment System Undermined By 51st Attempt to Delay or Repeal Affordable Care Act March 14, 2014
Larson Praises Blumenthal Armed Services Airland Subcommittee Chairmanship March 12, 2014
Larson on President's Remarks at CCSU Calling for Federal Minimum Wage Increase March 05, 2014
Larson Praises $500 Million UTC Investment in Connecticut February 26, 2014
Connecticut House Delegation Requests Status Report on IG Recommendations for West Haven VA Center February 20, 2014
Larson on Clean Debt Limit Increase February 11, 2014
Larson: House Pits Support for Retired Service Members Against Support for Seniors February 11, 2014
Connecticut Delegation Condemns Violence in Ukraine February 10, 2014
Larson on Governor Malloy's Agenda for Connecticut February 06, 2014
Larson: We Must Empower Everyday Americans in our Elections February 05, 2014
Larson Praises Governor Malloy’s Proposal to Raise Connecticut's Minimum Wage February 04, 2014
Larson: Extend Tax Break for Volunteer First Responders February 04, 2014
Larson on the Retirement of Congressman Henry Waxman February 03, 2014
Larson on Farm Bill January 29, 2014
Larson on President Barack Obama’s State of the Union Address January 28, 2014
Larson Signs Letter Opposing Academic Boycott of Israel January 21, 2014
Congressman Larson and Mayor Cockayne Preserve Direct Link to Social Security Services in Bristol January 17, 2014
Larson Statement on Miles Rapoport Serving as the New President of Common Cause January 14, 2014
Larson on the Retirement of Congressman George Miller January 13, 2014
Larson, Courtney, Esty Applaud Decision on Volunteer First Responders Under the Affordable Care Act January 10, 2014
Larson, Latham Seek Tax Break for Volunteer First Responders January 08, 2014
Larson on Senate Move to Advance Extension of Unemployment Insurance January 07, 2014