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(Washington) – Today Congressman John B. Larson called on Congress to send relief to the people of Oklahoma before they break for recess.

"As a member from Connecticut, a state that recently endured the destruction of a hurricane, the tragedy of the slaughter of innocents in Newtown and, most recently, a train wreck this past weekend, we know that tragedy and natural disaster can befall any part of the country at any time.

"Our hearts go out to Oklahoma and to Representative Tom Cole, whose district has been devastated by this latest catastrophe. I recall how Tom Cole stood tall and voted for providing direct relief for Hurricane Sandy when it was not popular within his own Conference. He did what Americans do – rise to the aid of their fellow citizens.

"As the search and rescue efforts valiantly continue, let us not just offer our prayers, as needed and as welcome as they are; let us act as united citizens and send with all due speed the relief that the people of Oklahoma so desperately need.

"Disasters and tragedy should never be about ideology, politics or geographic locale; when Americans are in need of help, the Congress needs to respond. That is who we are as a people; that's what makes us a more perfect union. Any American befallen by tragedy or natural disaster needs the assistance of its nation and fellow Americans.

"Let us act now before we leave this week on a long recess. Oklahoma citizens struck by this disaster do not have the luxury to wait. Let us put politics and ideology aside and act on behalf of the American people."